“Why, when I had trouble hunting, did the dorados come closer? Why did they make it increasingly easy for me as I and my weapon became more broken and weak, until in the end they lay on their sides’ right under my point? Why have they provided me just enough food to hang on for eighteen hundred nautical miles? I know that they are only fish, and I am only a man. We do what we must and only what nature allows us to do in this life. Yet sometimes the fabric of life is woven into such a fantastic pattern. I needed a miracle and my fish gave it to me. That and more. They’ve shown me that miracles swim and fly and walk, rain down and roll away all around me. I look around at life’s magnificent arena. The dorados seemed almost to be leaping into the fisherman’s arms. I have never felt so humble, nor peaceful, free and at ease.” – Adrift, Seventy-six Days Lost at Sea, by Steven Callahan

Adrift: 2013
Hand-painted cotton
Machine appliquéd and quilted
16 x 14